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Clients sometimes don’t know what they want in their shoots. My consultations help them overcome fear, and it’s the way we get comfortable with each other.  I've deliver what our clients want; It’s a collaboration.  I also help clients who are not models and make sure that they’re comfortable. When it comes to the shoots, I see something grow from our clients; THEIR CONFIDENCE. I also see them overcome their fear, improve their self-esteem and become proud of who they are.  



Styling + Shoot


Not sure on the exact look of your shoot? Location scouting? Or you just need some help with styling. No problem! I can help with that during the consultation by developing mood boards with YOUR input and a little bit of LA Fotografa magic. 



Delivery of Product

I don't BELIEVE in RETOUCHING on photos! EVER!!!*

A big rule thatthe LA Fotografa brand and I, myself, stands by. 


I don't want to be put in the positions of promoting body manipulations; it definitely goes against LA Fotografa's mission statement.  I make sure to be upfront with clients on this guideline.

Edited photos will be delivered upon 1-2 weeks after the completion of the shoot and receive of payment. Photos will be delivered via Dropbox or Google Drive.




*unless it's requested, but you will have to really have a convincing reason for the re-touching



To book a shoot and or to set Fill out the form and I will follow up with you within 1-3 business days.



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